Do You Know Hardy Sandhu’s Funniest Moment on the Set of Bijlee Bijlee

Do You Know Hardy Sandhu’s Funniest Moment on the Set of Bijlee Bijlee

No wonder the song has been so famous since the day it got released. One can’t refrain from dancing when a song like this is played on one’s music system.  We must say Bijlee Bijlee has received all the publicity, fame, and praise so far. From his singing and lyrics to his dance video, people of all ages literally like to groove to it on loop. The song Bijlee Bijlee has been hyped and considered one of the enjoyable party songs of 2022. 

Whether you are a Hardy Sandhu fan or not, you will become one once you give his dancing video a watch. Once you watch this video, you will notice the famous daily soap actress Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari sharing the screen with this well-known Punjabi singer Hardy Sandhu. It seemed both enjoyed the Bijlee Bijlee song to the fullest. To put it another way, both performed together amazingly and effortlessly for the very first time. On the whole, the track has received enough recognition. The duo has been so far liked by many. 



However, there is a funny incident to share with all of you. On the set of this piece of music Bijlee Bijlee, his dancing moves slid down his pants abruptly. As a result, every background dancer, including Palak Tiwari, laughed at this hilarious event. 

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