How did AP Dhillon (Brown Munde) Gain So Much Popularity?

How did AP Dhillon (Brown Munde) Gain So Much Popularity?

Amritpal Singh Dhillon, aka AP Dhillon, is a superb Punjabi Singer, rapper, composer, and producer. He is originally from Mullianwal, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, and holds Canadian citizenship. AP Dhillon procured both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Right after the procurement of all two degrees, he came up with a track named Fake. Shinda Kahlon was the lyricist of this song. AP Dhillon promoted his first song across all social media platforms. The song marked his debut as a rapper. 

In the year 2020, AP Dhillon released a track named Brown Munde. AP Dhillon Brown Munde got released in partnership with the two famous rappers Gurinder Grill and Shinda Kahlon. The composer of this piece of music was again Shinda Kahlon. Brown Munde, one of the AP Dhillon songs, was a hit. The number went viral globally. Also, Spotify ranked Brown Munde first. The song Brown Munde is available for download on Spotify. Therefore, you can visit Spotify and enjoy listening to Brown Munde Lyrics anytime. AP Dhillon fans, who are really crazy about this song, can get themselves a Brown Munde T Shirt and Brown Munde Hoodie. You can express your love towards this singer cum rapper AP Dhillon

He came up with an album named not by chance in the same year 2020. The album gained a great deal of fame and money. Also, every track from his album was worth listening to. His fans listened to each song on loop.

In Nov 2021, Amritpal Singh Dhillon made a live gig in India in collaboration with BoAT. We all pretty much know BoAt, a well-known Indian brand, deals in audio products. He was so excited to perform live in front of his Indian audience for the very first time. Also, AP Dhillon couldn’t wait to give his fans a great live experience. His followers, on the contrary, have been his big-time fans. Therefore, they were looking forward to attending his first concert in India. 

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Speaking of his first live performance in India, words fall short. His performance was impressively superb. After he had performed, AP Dhillon outshined the popular singers Sidhu Moose Wala Karan Aujla. AP Dhillon was on every mind then. He received a large amount of popularity on all Social Media Apps. Sarah Ali Khan & Ibrahim Ali Khan, the children of Saif Ali Khan, were spotted enjoying and dancing over his tracks. 

After he had staged, he went to his hometown in Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, to finally meet his family. He met his family members after six years. While he was giving warm hugs to each family member, the video got famous. It was a moment of pride and happiness for his family and the locals of his village. Other than that, his friends also came over to his place to felicitate him on his back-to-back achievements of sheer hard work and dedication.