How did Indian Brands & Football Clubs Go Trendy with Kehndi Hundi Si?

How did Indian Brands & Football Clubs Go Trendy with Kehndi Hundi Si?

The trio of AP DhillonGurinder Gill, and Shinda Kahlon has been famous since the day the song Excuse got released. One of the lines that starts with Kehndi Hundi Si gained so much popularity. It went viral among many Indian brands as well as International Football Clubs. Indian brands lately went trendy with this Kehndi Hundi Si. Similarly, International Football Clubs made several humorous posts to gather maximum attention.

English Premier League Football Club recently made a post saying Kehndi Hundi Se Club Football Lauta De. The post got plenty of views and likes. They captioned it Kehndi Hundi Si Club Football Lauta De. English Premier Football Club had a total of 28.9 million followers when they created a meme on Kehndi Hundi Si.

This Instagram post was similar to that of the trio’s song named Excuses.

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Three superb football players named Bernardo SilvaAymeric Laporte, and Phil Foden were there in one frame.

Giant money transfer and food brands like Paytm, Zomato, and Swiggy took this trend as an opportunity for their good. They didn’t miss the chance to raise awareness of their brands. Let us bring some Zomato tweets to your notice.


  • Kendi Hundi Si Channe tey Bathure Bana De
  • Kendi Hundi Si Chal tickataan Kata De
  • Kehndi Hundi Si stocks upar Karwa De, red nhi pasand, mainu sare stocks green kara de
  • Kehndi Hundi Si Mountain Vali Maggie Khila De 
  • Kehndi Hundi Si Chaa taa banade de, Elaichi aa pasand mainu khub saari paade

I hope you have got a gist of how these brands kept their followers interested throughout.

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