Have You Checked Out Karan Aujla Upcoming Debut EP Poster?

Have You Checked Out Karan Aujla Upcoming Debut EP Poster?

 Karan Aujla is a Punjabi Singer who is known for some of his songs that were big hits. Here is a list of his top 10 songs:

  • No Need

  • Don’t Worry

  • Black Money

  • Facts Karan Aujla

  • Don’t Look

  • Rim VS Jhanjar

  • 2 AM

  • Black Money

  • Koi Chakkar Nai

Take a look at a set of facts on his songs:

  • No Need song got above 44 million views on YouTube

  • Don’t Look received 55 million 

  • Don’t Worry got 94 million views

  • Koi Chakkar Nai was praised for its amazing lyrics

Let’s talk about one of the tracks from the album YKWIM.

The song lately got released on Jan 18, 2022. Karan Aujla sang the song amazingly. It is in high demand. His fans are so excited to groove to his forthcoming song on repeat. The song is for three minutes and 15 seconds. 

If you are a big follower of Karan Aujla, I am sure you have an idea of his recent Insta post. Speaking of it, he recently posted an EP ‘Way Ahead’ video giving his fans a gist of his upcoming song. Once you give his EP ‘Way Ahead’ video a closer look, you will come to know that he is shortly releasing a new track. Something is going on for damn sure. The video conveys Karan Aujla is coming up with his next number momentarily. His followers are buzzing for the coming song. They can’t wait to give it a listen.

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