Is The Duo of Diljit and AR Rahman is going to perform live for EXPO 2020

Is The Duo of Diljit and AR Rahman is going to perform live for EXPO 2020

Diljit Dosanjh has been seen putting all his heart and soul into his singing and acting. People have appreciated his singing and drama both. How did he manage to receive enough fame and success?

When he released his albums “Goat” & “The Moonchild Era,” he began to hit the deadlines. As far as his acting career is concerned, let’s discuss all his achievements. 

  • 2012: Jatt & Juliet was a big hit. It was a romantic movie. 

  • 2015: Mulkhtiar Chadha was based on a Sikh guy who lost his father due to extreme poverty. 

  • 2018: Sajan Singh Rangroot was a success too.

  • 2019: Shadaa introduced a lover who desperately looked for his soulmate. Once he managed to find one, he made continuous endeavours to make his girl fall for him. 

  • 2021: Honsla Rakh was a romcom and gained enough fame and wealth.

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Have you ever seen Diljit teaming up with other singers to release a song or an album? Seldom! However, this time he has some different plans for this new year. He is looking forward to releasing a track in collaboration with AR Rahman, a famous Indian composer or lyricist, singer, and producer. He is partnering with AR Rahman to release a new tune for his lovely audience.

One day AR Rahman revealed he was working closely with Diljit to come up with a fantastic single on Instagram. All their fans are super excited to listen to this upcoming piece of music. They are eager to see how this partnership works.

What’s the reason behind this collaboration? The duo of Diljit Dosanjh and AR Rahman is going to perform live for EXPO 2020Expo 2020 is a world show that is hosted in Dubai. The show got postponed for some time due to COVID 19. 

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His Punjabi fans have always been his big fans. Therefore, they can’t wait to see them perform together for the very first time.